Monday, May 27, 2013

Insta.Gram Monday

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Left to right

  1. Waiting outside our office at 8:35 a.m on Memorial Day to work

  2. Ryu's Brunch. Garlic bread and 3 pieces of "chick-un" nuggets with orange Gatorade.

  3. Special K breakfast in the morning

  4. Hanging out with the ladies at Santa Monica Pier on Saturday

  5. Ms. Erika and I at Venice Beach

  6. Awesome socks that I got from Journey's. I love funky socks!

  7. Salad I made. Salad for a week is what it's going to be for me.

  8. Ryu babe and I at the Dr. office. Poor little one has Pneumonia

  9. In the waiting room to get checked by the most awesome pediatrician ever!

  10. Homemade vegan chili made by Sean. Super delicious! I love when he cooks.

  11. Ryu's temp slowly rising!

  12. Ryu resting it up since he's so sick.

This is what I've been up to the past week. Mostly tending to Ryu since he's sick. He's doing better but of course I don't want him to be exposed to everything just yet. He's barely recovering. Here's to a safe recovery!


  1. Fun socks! So sorry to hear that your little one is sick... I hope he recovers soon! That chili sounds delicious. We recently discovered a vegan restaurant and it's quickly become one of our favorites even though we aren't vegans. So healthy and delicious!

  2. Pneumonia, poor baby! Hope he gets better real soon!

  3. @Stephanie: I'm not vegan either, but I guess you can say most of my diet is vegan because my boyfriend is vegan. I've been quite surprised that there are tons of vegan places where the food was really good. I always expected vegan food to almost be like rabbit food, lol.

  4. @lisacng @ Thanks! He's doing much much better now :)