Sunday, May 26, 2013

Goals For My Blog

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When I first started blogging I wanted my blog to have a reason to be online. For years I was blogging about my personal life and thoughts which is completely fine up until I had lost interest. Not only did I lose interest, but I lost motivation and content to write about. Since I started blogging I realized how many ideas and I had for this blog, but I also didn't want to lose my personal touch by writing about my life and experiences. Sure, not everyone or anyone would be interested in my personal life, but I write for myself and no other. At first I kept thinking to myself that I wanted to write to gain readers, but now I feel like as much as I appreciate the readership I want to continue writing for myself and something that I could look back on in the future.

I think until I really get a good schedule going for myself I'm going to be posting the same few things each week. I'll be doing my Instagram Mondays (I haven't started it yet, but I will for Memorial Day), Fitspirational Tuesday along side my Inspirational Tuesday, Recipe and Food talk on Wednesdays, Throwback Thursdays and Beauty Weekly Post, and on Fridays I'll end it with the wonderful Letters To.. Seems pretty reasonable right? I am starting to blog again, but I need to get myself organized as well as putting my camera back to good use. I have slowly been trying to learn how to use it again as well as Photoshop and I seriously have no idea what I'm doing. I also want to save up for a much better camera to use for my site. It's going to be a good while til I get the camera I want, but at least I can continue posting pictures with the camera I have now.

I'm actually very excited because I'm going to have a super busy next two weeks with having to go to the music festival in Pasadena and then my aunt and sister fly in next week. It's definitely going to go by quite quickly, but I'm hoping to get these posts scheduled that way I won't be bothered having to rush writing something!

Do any of you schedule posts or have a goal for your blog?


  1. i blog when i have the desire or content to post. i like my "humpday confessions" which is posted every wednesday. mostly, this post is all about my rants and things that piss me off LOL. i also like my "weekly smiles" posts that i try and post every friday which are pictures of things that made me smile during that week.

    other than that, i post whenever i feel the desire. these days i've been so busy with work that i just want to go home and not look at the computer for the rest of the night!

  2. Hope you find your creative groove again! I find a loose schedule helps me to form topics to blog about: Tuesdays - family or blogging related, Wed - photography, Thurs - parenting or Throwbacks.

  3. @kathy @ vodka and soda: I think that we should write whenever we feel like writing and write about whatever we want to on our blog. I am trying to do the same thing, but since my fitness journey is something I want to make sure I document I am doing a weekly update :) I also wanted to add my recipes on here and possibly put a small ebook together in the future :)

    I too come home from work and I'm exhausted. The last thing I want to do at times is stare at a screen. I already do that all day, lol

  4. @lisacng @ I think it's slowly helping me find topics to write about as well. I think knowing what I have to write about gets me more motivated to find something good to say. Not that whatever I ever say is good, lmfao !