Monday, July 1, 2013

Pasadena's Music Festival

[caption id="attachment_681" align="aligncenter" width="740"]Dustbowl Revival Dustbowl Revival[/caption]

I know that I am absolutely late when it comes to posting this, but I wanted to take the time to continue posting everything that I wanted to the past month. Better late than never, right?

Last month Sean and I went to Make Music Pasadena. It was a full day access to a bunch of great bands and really was worth going to. It was extremely hot, but really it was the first time I've ever truly enjoyed myself watching people play live. It was a great experience and I definitely want to go to the next one and I think they have it yearly. I got to see my favorite band play and I was very excited and stoked to see them. I love seeing Dustbowl Revival play or just listening to their music because they are very much my style when it comes to eargasms.


I absolutely love their music and I can't wait to hear more of their new stuff. We spent most of our day jumping from bar to bar and then listening to bands. The great part is that there were bands playing in small cafe's, restaurants, and shops as well.It made it such a great experience. I have never seen that many people come gather for anything, except Disneyland, ha!



The heat was excruciating and it was the first time this year that I felt that summer was finally here. It was overall a great first time experience for me. I hope to attend more festivals in the future. I must say the only thing I wasn't too thrilled about was the heat. I was dying by the time it was ten a.m my hair skin could not handle it. I also don't think that I will be wearing black out any time soon when I know that I'll be outdoors just to keep it safe.