Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Inspirational Tuesdays

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I sat here for a good hour thinking about what I should write about today. I have a bunch of recipes compiled that I wanted to share, but I wanted to write about something more; something with substance.

Over the last five years if not longer, friends that have come and gone, continuously made mistakes, though I have also learned from them. I always knew from the beginning that my life was not so perfect. I always felt my life was so broken and I kept trying to fix relationships that were hopeless. I continuously kept sinking my own boat. I placed myself in situations that I could not get out of. At the end of the day there was no one else to blame but myself.

It was not until a few years ago when I finally woke up from the unhappiness that I have been living in to change.

I am doing the best I can each day to start all over with my family. I made the decision to let go of friends like cold turkey because I just didn't feel like it would be beneficial for me to be around during my healing process. In my case so many parts of my life were broken and I had tried to fix it multiple times and after so many times I gave up. In my opinion it's like being able to choose your battles. I was tired of being unhappy.

The moment that I dropped everything that I did not feel was beneficial for me I suddenly saw a change. Sure, I still have a long way to go as far as my outlook on life. However, I know that I have started something new and wonderful. When I started to focus more on myself and my family I soon realized that a lot of the issues that I was stressing about before seemed so miniscule. My relationship with my family, my boyfriend and most importantly with my son got better. Starting over seemed scary and I didn't find a reason to at first. It was not until I realized that I could lose everything in a blink of an eye if I didn't let go of whatever may be broken.

It took some time, but I feel like I have improved greatly within myself. I am in a much better position than I was 3-4 years ago. I have let go of people that I didn't feel deserve me or my family in my life. I have created a much better outlook on life for myself. I now have goals of where I want myself and dreams of where I see my family to be at in the future.


  1. Abby, this is a wonderful post. Sometimes we have to let go of the past to build our future and this is what you have done. It may have been hard but life is funny that way -- it tests you and pushes you to the limits but at the end of it all, you're still standing there, stronger than ever.

    I remember those posts back then; they were filled with uncertainty and inadequacy as you were trying to find your way. I see (read) a big difference now; even in the way you post and what you post, there is a difference...like you have finally come into yourself and know what you want and how you want to live your life. Strange coming from someone who has never met you in real life but this is what I gather from what I've seen so far.

    So keep it going, Abby. Keep doing what you're doing because happiness is key!


  2. Kudos for you! It's really hard to get to that point where you have to be brutally honest with yourself about the type of life that you're leading. But it sounds like your decision was the correct one and a good one for yourself and the people that really matter to you. Keep it up!

  3. I love this post, I think inspirational tuesdays should become a regular feature! It makes us all look a little deeper into our own situations.

  4. That's great that you took the initiative to work towards creating a better, happier life for yourself! Sometimes when things get overwhelming, the best thing to do is simplify so you can maintain focus and objectivity. Hope you're having a great week! :)

  5. @kathy @ vodka and soda: Hey Kathy! Thanks I think that a lot of my change I owe it all to the wonderful writers and bloggers (including you) out there who had really inspired me to just change and be happy.

    Since starting this blog I haven't really written anything with substance except for this one piece because I wasn't sure if this was something I wanted family or friends to read, but now I just realized that I don't really care. I write to make myself happy and to express myself. Sure, there are things that I should not write about that may cause conflict later on, but I stand behind the changes and the type of person that I have become.

    Thanks for always being supportive of my writing and the type of changes I have wanted to make in my life. It really is nice to hear from someone who has been through a lot of similar experiences that can give great advice :)

  6. @rooth: Thanks Rooth :) It is hard to be honest to myself. At times I wasn't sure who was going to hurt me the most, was it my friends? my family? for being brutally honest. However, in the end I realized that the only person who can hurt me was myself. I hold the key to my happiness.

    It took a long time of healing but I am glad I did it

  7. @Pamela @ Brooklyn Farm Girl: It's a linkup I got from another blogger, but I forgot exactly who! I want to find it and I think that we all should do it and take time away from our regular blogging just to put more thought in a specific topic.

    I usually take my inspirational tuesday posts from tumblr's etiquette for a lady. I choose a quote and think about it for a minute. That is usually when the juice starts flowing. It's awesome :)

  8. @Stephanie: Hi Stephanie! Thanks I am actually having a pretty good week. Hope you are too. It's definitely been a roller coaster ride trying to figure out what I want for myself or where I want to be. I hope that overtime that I continue to progress.

  9. I'm so happy that you're transforming into a happier person. It's important to spend time with yourself, your family and your loved one, because these are the only people that exist in your life and here for you. And of course, focus on you and only you! Friends, I wish I can love them forever, but they always come and go. Keep it up and stay strong! :)