Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Ryu Turns 4 (Star Wars Theme) PT 1

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I want to thank our family and friends who greeted Ryu a Happy Birthday. I want to thank all our friends and family who was a part of Ryu's 4th birthday. On July 28th Ryu turned 4!! The evening before was so hectic because I was getting our place ready for the birthday party. There was a lot to do, but well worth it! We had prepared for a "Lego Themed/Star Wars" birthday. It was tons of fun and I am so glad that our friends and family were able to join us.

Unfortunately, my mom had work that day, but she managed to stop by in the morning. My grandparents also had prior engagements but they dropped off a bunch of balloons and food! Ryu was so thrilled with his balloons. He was very happy and excited to see them in his room. For the whole month he had been asking us every day if it was his birthday yet. I wanted our place to be fixed up before Ryu's birthday, but due to funds we are still in the process of putting our place together. I'm sure with time and patience our home will come together, but I'm glad that it was at least clean enough for our guests!

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We decided that it was going to be a pool party since it was so hot outside. It was perfect to have everyone enjoy the pool and have a bunch of food to go along with it. Sean and I (mainly Sean) were in the kitchen cooking up a storm (I did the night before) to get ready for the festivity. For some reason I misunderstood some of my guests and thought that they were going to be able to make it. We made so much food that we had leftovers for a good while. My grandmother even made two huge trays of spaghetti for the children. 

We are fortunate because we live at the downstairs end unit of the complex. The pool is right in front of our place and you can view the pool from our patio. There is also an area to BBQ and eat. It was so convenient for us since we did not have to walk for nor did it take us a long time to clean up. I loved the fact that the eating area was also not far from the pool. Food was accessible without any issues, well aside from the bees and flies. We left the food covered because the flies were a pain.

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I used mason jars for the candy, but quickly ran out to cover the top. The lollipop handles were too short so you could see them, but I don't think anyone cared much for it. The kids had goodie bags and I had an assortment of candy in it too. We didn't have a pinata. I guess we just felt that we had nowhere to hang it safely and not get stung by anything and we didn't want to do it indoors. Hopefully we get the opportunity to do it next year.

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Here is a picture with Ryu and the ladies, ha! He was so excited that he had friends coming over to swim that he still talks about it to this very day. He always asks me if his friends can come over and swim with him.

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It was a small, but fun party. I am already thinking of his birthday party for next year and what kind of theme we want to go with. I want to be ready for his big 5th birthday! I love him so much and he deserves the best! Thank you again to all our family and friends for the love, birthday wishes, and gifts!


  1. abby, i LOVE IT! i especially love the floating balloons :) i find that as they get older, their parties get smaller and more quaint as they start to have their own circle of friends...except for my kid... we have a huge group of friends who also have kids so there are always at least 25 kids at her party which sort of makes it hard to keep it small!

  2. @kathy@vodka and soda: Haha! I think that is how it is going to be for us once Ryu is really in school full time. He will eventually have his own set of friends and of course I'll have to invite them.

    The kids you see in the pictures are pretty much my friends daughter, her niece and then family. Mainly Sean's family. My family had prior engagements so they were not able to show up. it's alright though, perhaps next year there will be a bigger party all planned out with more friends along the way. :)

  3. What a cool party, you did a great job--but how did Ryu get to be 4??? :)
    If his room is any indication, I'm sure the rest of your place looks wonderful. Furnishing and decorating should evolve and take time...at least that's how we did it. I think it's more fun that way.

    Belated Happy Birthday to happy Ryu!!!

  4. soooo happy to see the pictures!! hopefully next year I would be able to attend the party instead of helping buy the favors.. lol.. i'm glad it all turned out well and he had a great time!!

  5. @Rick: I have no idea what happened, but I feel as if I woke up one day and Ryu was four. Time flew by so quickly!!

    Thanks for the birthday greeting Rick! I am excited to get our place together and I know it'll take lots of time and patience, but we are excited to get there when we do :)

  6. @ninang rachel: Hi Ninang! We hope that you could spend next year with us for the big 5th birthday! You have to help me get the next birthday together :) I already looked it up his birthday lands on a Monday, so Sunday birthday would be perfect!

  7. Happy belated birthday! What a fun party! Thanks for sharing the pictures! I really love the Star Wars theme. I would like to have a Star Wars party myself. :)

  8. @Katrin: Thanks for stopping by. His step-dad insisted that Star Wars would be the best theme to go with and he thoroughly enjoyed it ! :)