Friday, August 2, 2013

Hello Sister, Hello Auntie

I am behind on posting, but I still want to make the effort of at least trying to post what has been going on this year with me and my family.

This summer my sister paid an extremely short visit, and to be honest it was not even enough time for us to do anything. I wish she could have been here longer for us to spend time together with Ryu. It was a very nice and short visit, but I hope we get to spend some quality time with my sister some time soon. It would also be nice if she can bring my brother-in-law with her that way Ryu can get to know them more. It was also an even greater time because my Aunt and Uncle flew in from Australia for two weeks to spend time with the family. This would be the second time in a decade that I reacquainted with my aunt. It was a great experience and it was nice getting to know her as an adult. I also enjoyed how fond her and her husband were of Ryu. It makes me feel good when people are not annoyed with my child. I know some children can be a bit out of hand and I'm glad that Ryu is not one of those kids.

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These pictures were taken before my Aunt and Uncle went to San Francisco to visit his relatives. After having breakfast we headed out to The Grove. We actually had breakfast on Father's Day and it was great. It was a really nice and simple family outing. When my sister was over we spent time at home mainly because we insisted on making dinner and just spending some quality time together. We were able to go shopping with my aunt for a bit and got to catch up with each other there so it was nice. Unfortunately, we didn't take that many pictures and to be honest I wish I did. My sister was here on the days that I worked so I didn't really get to spend that much time with her. I couldn't get days of and it was a bummer, wish I did.

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  1. Abby,

    My dearest niece me and your uncle Richard extend our warmest appreciation during our short visit there its unforgetable experience cannot be forgotten. Continue your dream for Ryu. nothing impossible take care of your Mom o.k Always remember tita bot luv you end Aira. Who knows next year again.