Monday, August 12, 2013

Learning How To Write

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Ryu has made incredible improvement with his speech since he started his IEP program. Though his program is on hold for now until September (which is when school starts for him again), he continues to improve greatly in his daycare. If you have followed an old blog of mine I had written multiple posts regarding our journey with Ryu's speech disability. We were told that he may be autistic in the beginning which could be the reason why he was not talking at the time. I then took the initiative to place him in the IEP program hoping that he would improve.

Ryu has been in the IEP for one whole school year and he will be starting the program in a month. I am extremely proud of my little one because he has come so far in a year. We are now in the process of teaching him how to write. I bought some workbooks and flashcards for us to review when Ryu is with me. We have been rewarding him with stickers after each session he completes. We told him that once he fills a whole calendar month with stickers that he would be rewarded with a toy of his choice.

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I really enjoy sitting down with Ryu and teaching him how to read and write. When I was Ryu's age my grandfather taught me how to read and write by the age of 3. Sure he is 4, but everyone develops differently. I give those stay-at-home parents who chooses to home school their children two thumbs up because it gets difficult, frustrating, and it requires extreme patience. However, knowing that you are helping your child in the process of learning is a very rewarding feeling.


  1. youre doing a great job abby! keep it up. ryu is progressing and that is great! those classes are helping and i am glad that you are taking him versus some parents i know may refuse the words i have to share with them about their child (as a preschool teacher). i'm so glad that you are helping him improve. so good for all of you! such a great mom. and yes, everyone develops differently. i know i had to take english learning class in kindergarten because all my parents ever spoke to us was our native language! way to go!!

  2. He's writing already? That's incredible. Bet he's doing well for his age. I remember stopping by your blog when he was just a little one. Time flies.

  3. @jean: Thanks Jean! I was really pushing to teach Ryu with the love and support from his stepdad and our family members to teach him to read and write. I think what drove me is that these Dr. kept insisting that there was something Ryu psychologically and that he was slow. However, I felt that was not the case because after he was diagnosed with speech disability he soon improved and started talking. It was almost as if he was just not ready at the time.

    Now that he's four we encourage him the best we can. I know that when I first moved here I was struggling with school because I didn't understand what they were doing since my program seemed as if it was a year behind. I am not mainly writing in my blog and for myself and I work with numbers daily. Who would have thought that I struggled when I was younger, ha!

  4. @Girlie Blogger: Omg yea, that was a while ago and even I still can't believe how big he's getting. He talks to me in full sentences now and he's trying to write. It's just amazing how kids develop. I still get surprised by it on the daily

  5. He's doing amazingly well! Four is still pretty young. If he's learning and happy, that's what every parent hopes for. You're doing a great job.