Thursday, November 21, 2013

November Please Be Good To ME

Learning how to keep up with a blog is not that easy especially when your laptop won't connect to the internet for some reason. After my laptop decided to update, it messed up my WiFi connection. The WiFi is on, but it says something about the radio hardware not being on. I have NO idea on how to fix it. I have been on Google trying to find an answer and I have no idea what to do. Hopefully, I figure it out soon. I would hate to have to get a new laptop because I'm too stupid to figure out what's going on with my laptop. 

I have been really serious about changing my diet and I even made myself a meal plan for the week. There are some parts that I follow and some parts that I don't. However, if I do end up eating something else it still falls under the healthy category and portion control. Last night Sean made this delicious salad because I was craving a mexican tostada salad. Instead, he made this!
Spinach/Arugula Mexican Salad

I'm not exactly sure what kind of dressing he made and I forgot to ask, but the main components of this salad is a mixture of arugula and spinach, paired with grilled tofu and on the bottom there was black beans and corn with a bit of diced avocado. I ate two small bowls of salad for dinner and that was pretty much it. I was surprised that it was filling enough for me. I am usually the type of person who will eat this as an appetizer and would want a full meal thereafter. I have also asked my sister and friend Rachel to burn me a copy of their P90x. I mean I'm not sure who will get it to me first, but hopefully I get it soon, lol.

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In the midst of writing this post yesterday, I got a parking ticket. UGH, I was pretty upset but at the same time I knew it was my fault. Seriously though, a fucking parking ticket. $58.00 that should be going to Christmas presents are going to this damn ticket. I guess I'll write another post later when I am feeling a bit better about that damn ticket!

Friday, November 15, 2013

My Good Eats

This is what I've been working on lately. I have been trying to really cut my eating in half and cut down on all the junk that I know is NOT good for me. I have made the effort of packing my lunches everyday. Most of my lunch consists of a sandwich with some type of side to it. I had also checked out the nutritional contents of everything that I was eating or what I made. Most of these are all under 300-400 calories. My favorite has got to be my breakfast tostada! It's only 280 calories, egg whites, black beans, veggies and baked tortilla to make it crispy.

I also was able to  snag that tomato straight from my garden. I am so happy that even if it's Fall I'm still able to grow some stuff. Though, this isn't the best of conditions to plant something I am still trying my best.

I am trying to eat a lot healthier and it's not that easy. I mean I love food, who doesn't?! Though, finding good food that is also healthy for you is something that takes more effort than just the drive-thru.I think that I have been doing much better, but I won't lie I have hit a few downfalls. I'm still pushing myself to eat a lot healthier. I'm planning to start sharing some recipes again, but in the mean time here are some delicious pictures of my GOOD EATS!

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Insta.gram/Facebook Mashup

Since I've been MIA, I figure I'd let you all in a little bit. These are pictures I posted on my Insta.gram and Facebook.

1) This is how my hair currently looks. I took the picture this morning at work. I finally took the plunge and cut my bangs out of boredom this morning. So far I'm not sure if I like it just yet, but I'm sure it will grow on me. My hair is also super red, but starting to fade. Red is hard to keep up with, but such a pretty color once done right.

2) This is a picture with my mommy taken when I was a year old.

3) My best friend Rachel is big on couponing and snagged me 5 bottles of detergent all about 33 loads each jug. She's so awesome! I love her for it. She's also teaching me how to coupon and get the best bang for my buck!

4) My bestie Rachel and Toph before they left back for SD.

5 & 6) I've been trying to change my eating habit and so far I've been doing fairly well. I have cut my eating in half and even if I eat pasta or carbs I've learned to eat smaller portions and substitute whatever I can for a healthier alternative. My lunch was less than 400 calories, and the breakfast was less than 300. How great is that?

7 & 8) I'm starting to put together ideas for when I finally get my arm done. I've been waiting for a long time to get it started and seriously my ideas for it is coming together.

9) Picture of me and Toph. I am in love with this dog. She's so cute.

10 & 11) My lunch that was less than 400 calories and also less sodium. I have been eating sandwiches and soup lately to balance my diet. So far it's working great. My breakfast was also less than 300 calories! 180 to be exact. Seriouly eating healthier has never been so fulfilling and delicious.

12) Well just took a selfie, hah.

Low key Halloween

For Halloween Erika and I dressed up as Mario and Luigi for work. It was definitely fun. Although, I changed to regular clothes not long after since the costume was a bit too short and fitted for my liking. We had a Halloween party at work and it was definitely all fun and smiles. We also had ordered catering of Mexican Food. Boy, do I love Mexican food! You seriously can't go wrong with Mexican food. We had the tortillas, two different types of meat, cilantro, onions, lime, and salsa. That was paired off with re-fried beans and rice.  

I tried not to eat that much since I'm not a big meat eater, but still did try it out. I didn't indulge in candy because for some reason my eyes and mind ignored the bowl the whole time. 

 Here is the costume I had on. I honestly didn't find it to be that cute on me. I also can see all my problems areas that I have to work on and have been working on. My main issue is my mid-section and I have started to contribute to a full diet flush and started my workouts to get rid of this beer gut. Other than that it was a good Halloween. 

That evening we took the kiddos Trick or Treating. It was fun because there is this one block where all the houses decorate their homes and it gets pretty crazy. There was even a house that has a performance to thriller every year. Quite cool if you ask me.

Here's a picture of Ryu dressed as a Ninja. I can't believe how big he's gotten! 

Anyway, that's all the recap I have for now for Halloween. I just wanted to introduce you all to the new blog I moved to because I just got tired of paying for the same shit. lol. This way I feel like I'm not obligated to blog. Perhaps, I'll be able to blog more from here. 

Coffee Mondays/Being Back

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It has been a while since I've blogged on here. I have been paying my monthly bill for this space and it's not even being used properly. I do miss blogging, but for some reason life just starts to kick in and I tend to disappear.

  1. I've been MIA, but I really am in the mood to start blogging again. I have a bunch of pictures that I have taken in the past month that I would love to share. I also have done a lot since then and I also wanted to take the opportunity to talk about it.

  2. I'm a year older! I celebrated my birthday on the 15th of October and it was the greatest week ever. I felt so loved and it was seriously so much fun. Thank you to everyone who made my birthday completely worth it!

  3. Work can get so frustrating especially when you're super busy. I mean I know work for anyone can get frustrating, but what annoys me the most is when people are just so clueless of what they are doing but they tend to pretend to know what they are talking about. At the end of everything it just sounds like a bunch of jibberish and you had just wasted a goo 10 minutes of my time trying to understand what you were talking about to begin with.