Thursday, November 21, 2013

November Please Be Good To ME

Learning how to keep up with a blog is not that easy especially when your laptop won't connect to the internet for some reason. After my laptop decided to update, it messed up my WiFi connection. The WiFi is on, but it says something about the radio hardware not being on. I have NO idea on how to fix it. I have been on Google trying to find an answer and I have no idea what to do. Hopefully, I figure it out soon. I would hate to have to get a new laptop because I'm too stupid to figure out what's going on with my laptop. 

I have been really serious about changing my diet and I even made myself a meal plan for the week. There are some parts that I follow and some parts that I don't. However, if I do end up eating something else it still falls under the healthy category and portion control. Last night Sean made this delicious salad because I was craving a mexican tostada salad. Instead, he made this!
Spinach/Arugula Mexican Salad

I'm not exactly sure what kind of dressing he made and I forgot to ask, but the main components of this salad is a mixture of arugula and spinach, paired with grilled tofu and on the bottom there was black beans and corn with a bit of diced avocado. I ate two small bowls of salad for dinner and that was pretty much it. I was surprised that it was filling enough for me. I am usually the type of person who will eat this as an appetizer and would want a full meal thereafter. I have also asked my sister and friend Rachel to burn me a copy of their P90x. I mean I'm not sure who will get it to me first, but hopefully I get it soon, lol.

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In the midst of writing this post yesterday, I got a parking ticket. UGH, I was pretty upset but at the same time I knew it was my fault. Seriously though, a fucking parking ticket. $58.00 that should be going to Christmas presents are going to this damn ticket. I guess I'll write another post later when I am feeling a bit better about that damn ticket!

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