Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Dance Dance !

I've always enjoyed spending time with Ryu. It makes my heart melt when I see him interact with other kids. This is a video of Ryu and Mya. Mya is my friend's daughter and she is older than Ryu, but that's fine Ryu absolutely adores her. I don't have many friends with children that I actually hang out with.

I have barely involved myself with mommy and baby time with other people. Erika (my coworker) is really the only person that I have had play dates with. I'm sure that when Ryu actually starts school he will have more friends. I think it worked out well that I hang out with Erika because we are the same age and she understands the schedule of parenthood. Most of my friends that do not have children do not understand that I can't just go out any time I want to. If I do go out I really love being able to bring my son around.

Hopefully when Ryu starts school we can have more play dates.


  1. the majority of my friends all have kids, some older than kayla, some her age and some younger so it's great when we all get together for a playdate. she also hangs out with her cousins a lot and we just found out that a lady down my street is my 3rd cousin! so we went over there for a playdate last week.

    ryu will definitely enjoy school!

  2. Awe Rye and Mya are so cute! I obviously don't have any kids, but I can definitely see that when I do, I'll want to have them with me pretty much anywhere I go so going out with friends who also have kids will be ideal. Then the kids can play and the adults can talk and everyone is happy! :)

  3. @kathy @ vodka and soda: I have friends that have kids but they either live too far or there is something going on in their life right now that I don't hold against them if they don't want to hang out.

    I am just hoping that we are able to have more play dates in the future. Ryu loves being around adults, but of course I want him to be able to have fun and communicate with children too. Don't want him to feel too sheltered lol

  4. @Alex@Veggin' Out: Haha that is how it usually is. :) I have a coworker around my age with a daughter and we have been hanging out doing mommy and baby time play dates. We let them play around, go swimming, do arts and crafts, and they are perfectly fine.

    We then can have our time conversing with what is going on with our lives.

  5. What an adorable video! It's lovely that you're spending lovely time with your kids and have more play dates!