Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Eating Health-ier

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I am trying so hard to make healthier meals at home. Honestly it's a pain in the ass when you're struggling to eat something healthy even though it's so delicious. I love the healthy meals that I make, but sometimes I just want something super greasy and crispy.

Pasta dinner last week

This whole dish is vegan-friendly. I wanted to try a recipe that I found online, but I forgot to save it on my phone. If this is similar to your recipe please let me know so that I can give you credit for it.

This dish is mainly made with garlic, lime, and fettuccine. I added grilled asparagus and soy Italian sausage.

It was yummy and a much healthier alternative than having to go to Macaroni Grill and order something that was +900 calories. I can't even believe how many calories one dish is. It's insane! I want to start jotting down the food that I make and post it here. I think I want to do a weekly update on the meals that I eat throughout the week. I think I'll call it Abby's Good Eats and that's obviously off of Good Eats on Food Network. Except I would have to say that show is a lot more informative than what my future posts may entail. If anything I'll even add the actual recipe to my recipes once I get the chance to sit down and just write about it.

I wasn't sure if any of you knew that I have two recipe's on there right now. For some vegan Siopao and vegan Thai Iced Tea. You should check it out! I'm still looking on expanding my blog once I figure out what my main goal is with my site.

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I love eating healthy because it has a ton of benefit and whoever said that healthy food taste's like shit has not had real good healthy meals. I used to have that mentality that healthy food was going to taste disgusting, but I slowly learned to enjoy my veggies like an adult and I even want more! My favorite has got to be asparagus. It's delicious and so easy to cook.I prefer grilling them or just heating them up on a pan and drizzling it with lemon and a little pepper. They go great for almost any dish. I know I can't continue to eat pasta everyday, but I think that the next time I make pasta I'm going to substitute it with whole wheat or gluten-free.

A step into the right direction! Now I have to make sure to stick with it and not fall into eating crap again.


  1. my trick to stick to clean eating was to not eat any of the junk/fatty stuff at all in order to develop the discipline. then months passed and i never felt like eating the bad stuff because i started seeing amazing results from eating the good stuff... so problem solved! :D

  2. @kathy @ vodka and soda: I am going to take my time this weekend to make myself a shopping list and take out all the junk that we do not need at home. I figure if I don't have it at home then I would not be looking for it, lol. I am still slowly working on my diet, but so far so good ! :) I now have to give up beer cause that's the biggest no no in my diet!

  3. Totally understand what you mean about just wanting something indulgent and greasy. I say if you can eat relatively healthy 80-90% of the time, a little indulgence doesn't hurt anyone :).

  4. @lisacng @ expandng.com: I have to try eating healthier. Today I completely indulged in a hotdog that I probably shouldn’t have! haha.