Monday, September 9, 2013

Coffee Mondays

  • My weekend was all over the place there were some good times and then some bad times. I don't really want to reflect on what happened this weekend just because it was not the best weekend. I also was not in my best behavior. Let's just say all weekend I was a total bizznatch.

  • I am eating wheat toast and homemade almond butter this morning. I am actually digging the flavor. I didn't think that I would enjoy it. However, I have to be careful with how much I eat because I can already feel my lips tingling. I hate having to be allergic to a lot of stuff.

  • I am barely starting my Monday morning and I already want it to be the weekend. I am planning to spend my Saturday studying for my license and possibly cleaning. I believe Sunday I will be starting my Christmas shopping. I know a lot of you are thinking, WHAT? It's so early, it's only September. I know, but really if I don't start now I will do everything last minute and everyone will get crappy Christmas gifts since I would have to really budget.

  • I am seriously not really in the mood to blog lately. I am not sure if it is because I am still going through my transition with my diet. I guess that leads me to not having pretty meals or not being able to cook something delicious and fun. Since my diet I have been lazy and I have been eating baked chicken or wheat toast with peanut butter. My diet consists of tons of water. I need to buy myself a grill so I can grill some delicious veggies and make a sandwich out of it! Ugh, torture.. I am torturing myself.

  • This whole morning I have already taken 2 advils and it's barely 11. I am tired and my head is pounding. I am just spending my time listening to acoustic covers on YouTube. It helps me get through the day. I just want the day to be over already, lol. I think I really have the case of the Mondays!

  • Last, but not least my garden is coming along up until yesterday I knocked a planter over and all my pretty and precious dill and rosemary that was growing got messed up. I think they are still fine, but now the are not in a row and I have no idea which is what.

  • I'm telling you I had such a messed up weekend. I felt like everything bad just continuously kept happening.


  1. i hope you feel better.

    i'm also wishing it were the weekend so i can run my trails! it's all that gets me through the week.

  2. I'm with you on everything in this post--except I was a prince this past weekend. lol--I really wasn't, it was just anormal weekend...which was a huge improvement for us. I hope tomorrow feels like Friday for you. :)

  3. We all have those days...or weeks. I promise you will come out of this! Try hitting the gym. Nothing makes me feel better like a good sweat sesh! Hoping next weekend comes SOON too!

  4. Almond butter sounds yummy, sometimes I get a bit of allergic reaction when I tried a foreign product or dish (i.e., hives), but it goes away eventually. Good luck with your license and Christmas shopping?! I can't wait for Christmas and it's a good idea to shop in advance! Look for online coupons too ;) Instead of tons of water, maybe try some coconut water to be hydrated or perhaps some lemonade with cayenne pepper? Do you have a juicer at home? Try plenty of juicing! I hope you have a positive week! Take care!

  5. awwww...I am sorry you had such a lousy weekend! At least it is over and I hope you are having a better week!

  6. I hope your week is getting better - maybe you get a do-over this weekend? Let me know if you want to chat about it

  7. Well, I'm a little late on this, but I'm so sorry you had a bad weekend, even it it was several weekends ago! I hope the weekend following was much better and that everything is going smoothly by now!
    I definitely agree that it's never too early to shop for Christmas - my parents used to try to get all their shopping down before October hit. That way there is actually still stuff on the shelves! But the last several years, we've been caught in the holiday rush... haha oh well. Maybe we'll learn from you. ;)